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Alaskan Flight Instruction and Aircraft Rental

About the Pilots

There's pilots, and then there are Alaskan pilots! At Alaskan Pilot Co., our highly experienced and professional certified flight instructors not only understand what it takes to fly in Alaska, but can teach those skills proficiently.   With the mountainous terrain and unpredictable weather,  flying in Alaska is riddled with challenges. Our mission at Alaskan Pilot Co. is to offer affordable, safety-conscious, yet adventurous and exciting flight training for the aspiring pilot. 

The company was founded by Shelby Standley.  Shelby moved up to Anchorage in July of 2013 to pursue his passion in Aviation.   After completing his flight instruction with a local instructor for his private pilot certificate, he set out to purchase an IFR certified aircraft to complete his instrument rating.   After purchasing a Cessna Skyhawk II 172M,  he decided to fly it cross-country to Texas, where he was originally from, and back to Alaska during one summer. In that adventure, the idea to start Alaskan Pilot Co. was formed.  Flight instruction across the lower 48 states for a Cessna 172 M, N, or P model was nearly 30% more affordable at some flight schools compared to the Anchorage rental options.  In that discovery, Shelby set out to start his own rental and flight instruction business. 

Alaskan Pilot Co. was founded with goal to offer local flight instructors, flight students, and private pilots an option to rent an aircraft at an affordable rate!  

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