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Whether you're interested in flying locally for flight training or embarking on an Alaskan cross-country flight, we have an aircraft that is open to possibilities.  Our aircraft are meticulously maintained and inspected according to Federal Aviation Regulations for part 61 operations.  We take pride in offering quality aircraft for flight instruction and rental at an affordable rate.  The rental rates are calculated hourly from the hobbs meter and are wet rates (with fuel).  

If you are interested in renting the aircraft for personal use, renters will be required to have a aircraft rental insurance policy. Flight instructors looking to rent the aircraft are also required to have aircraft rental insurance. 

1974 Cessna 172M N21403

The Cessna Skyhawk II has made it's mark on the aviation industry with it's payload capacity, 4-person seating, and tricycle gear.  This aircraft has Dual KX 155 radios with dual control-mounted push-to-talk buttons.  With dual VOR/Localizer Navigation Indicators, one with a Glideslope, a KN-64 DME, an ADF, a Garmin GTX 327 transponder, and a PMA 8000BT audio panel, this aircraft is equipped for both VFR and IFR flight.  

Solo Rate: $125/flight hour     Dual Rate: $175/flight hour

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